Al Waagah hosted these projects:

  • “Creative Hands” sewing and other creative hand work for skills development
  • Computer classes at Cape Town College
  • Jumu’ah (Interpreter Service Provision)
  • Learners Driver’s License Classes (Empowering Classes)
  • Sign language classes



Madrassah classes were hosted at St. Athens Road Mosque Madrassah complex on Sunday mornings between 10h00 and 12h00 for the 9 years. The classes are divided into four groups in one huge room adults, youth and toddlers which made it virtually impossible to be constructive.

We however had to occasionally relocate or cancel classes whenever the mosque has functions or when the premises are hired out for a function. The move to IPSA, where the Madrassah is currently situated, happened on the 4th September 2005. Algamdulillah for the first time Al-Waagah Madrassah functioned like real school. Each teacher had their own classroom to give maximum focus on the teaching of Islam to the learners.

Wittebome Islamic Teaching Project

Twice quarterly Al Waagah staff/ members host Islamic orientated programs for the Muslim learners at the Dominican school for Deaf children. If the Muslim children are not catered for, then they have to attend the church services.  Muslim Deaf children have been attending church services at the school for over 60 years. With limited resources Al-Waagah renders a unique service to the Deaf Muslim community of this era Algamdulillah.

Ironing Project

Ironing services provided for the General Public from our office in Gleemor.

Sewing Project

Cut, Make & Trim (CMT) and alterations

Burial Society

In conjunction with Jamiah Tut Taliebeen a Muslim burial society in Mitchell’s Plain we have enrolled  some of our Deaf members with them.

Gadj Classes

In 2006 we established Gadj classes to facilitate the possibility of the deaf also being able to perform this pillar of Islam.